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    A place for all things geeky.

    Born from the ashes of, Epically Geeky is a place to share our thoughts, hobbies and loves in the geek universe. Covering movies, TV, food, crafts, books, video games and board games, this where you can let you geek flag fly.

    Eugene Stephens

    Living the geek lifestyle with his wife and twin boys, Eugene has recently gotten into building geeky projects... like his Ghostbusters proton pack! When he's not fixing computers or building awesome geek crafts, he also enjoys the fine art of barbecue, playing board games and coming up with content for the Epically Geeky Show.


    Cyrus Martin

    Cyrus has done it all. He has written multiple books; created a video game; wrote, directed, produced and edited a full length movie, raised a video gaming daughter and now has his own YouTube channel where he shares his love of video games. And that's when he isn't co-hosting the Epically Geeky show! The man is a creative fountain that likes to dabble in all areas of media.


    Jason Horn

    Fan turned contributor turned co-host, Jay worked his way into the OneManAsylum website and into our hearts. He may not look like a typical geek, but don't let that fool you, he has extensive knowledge of movies, TV and video games that he enjoys sharing with his kids. Jay is always good for an off hand remark that almost always results in a great laugh.


    Bryan Stephens

    Former coach, fitness trainer, geek. Bryan aka Rudy is rediscovering his geeky side with the help of his kids. If he isn't playing video games or building Star Wars Lego sets, he's rewatching the Star Wars movies or cartoons with them. He's even built a MAME cabinet... well mostly.


    Kris Andrew

    After an open call for writers and contributors, Kris joined OneManAsylum and started writing short stories and a re-occurring series for the site. Then she joined us for episodes on Group Therapy podcast. Now this Canadian mom expresses her geeky side through her crafts, her baking and yes, her writing still. She even got her husband, Ray, to join our merry little band.


    Louis Vasquez

    Louis has been friends with Eugene and Bryan since he was 6 years old and grew up on a steady diet of 80's pop culture, video games and professional sports. Now he enjoys reliving his youth with his son in the form of super heroes, Transformers and dinosaurs. If something geeky strikes his fancy, he'll research it to the nth degree; he likes to be thorough.


    Lanie Moore

    She may have been born in the 90’s, but she was raised on a steady diet of 80’s pop culture. This self-proclaimed music / Disney nerd loves reading, movies, TV and everything geeky. She even worked for “The Mouse” for awhile in one of the parks! Our youngest member can hold her own in any geeky conversation; which makes her perfect for the site.


    Ray Andrew

    Artist, handyman, nuclear technician… to say Ray is a Renaissance man doesn’t even start to describe all the stuff he’s into. After seeing how much fun Kris was having on the Epically Geeky Show, Ray asked to join and he fit in like a puzzle piece we didn’t even know was missing. The man’s got geek cred, an awesome family and some serious skills with a brush.


    Jennifer Hetzel

    Jennifer is a sci-fi, fantasy, cosplay, karaoke, travel, music and pizza geek who believes that everyone is a geek about something, even if it's not what would be considered "typically geeky." She is a bumper sticker addict and crazy plant lady with self-diagnosed Song Tourettes. To help spread the geek agenda, she helped create CTC Geekfest in 2010 and has been helping plan it ever since.


    Kelly Bolden

    Originally from Kentucky but residing in Texas, Bolden is a children's librarian by day and a the mother of two teenage band geeks by night. Her passions include art history, poetry and of course Kentucky basketball.



    Andrew Parker

    After being recruited by Lanie for the show, Parker has managed to earn his keep with his excessive knowledge of sci-fi, fantasy, movies, gaming, science, music, beer, and above all, geology (of quartz)! Another 90's kid, he and Lanie met in junior high and both have the weird tracts of knowledge that escape most other "millenials". His real talent? Citing the most deep-cut fact nuggets known to man about virtually any subject, and then passively responding with "eh, just one of the things I know."

    Picky Old Gamer

    Picky Old Gamer has been a geek and gamer his whole life.  From his birth in a distant galaxy........No? Not believeing that? Ok, ok, but Picky Old Gamer has been playing games from the Atrai 2600 all the way till the modern consoles and pc gaming of today. He is a proud child of the 80s and loves the cartoons, the style and the music from the 80s (sometimes just listens to 80s on Pandora/Slacker). His YouTube career started in Mid 2015 and he has slowly built a loyal but small following.  Through his YouTube adverntures he met Cyrusmartin and the pair have cause death,destruction and mayhem on YouTube! No not really, they are just two old fart gamers that do Game Ramblings weekly and enjoy following the gaming industry.