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    Episode 103 - You're F'n Batman

    On episode 101, we deconstructed some of our favorite cartoons and discussed how modern cartoons, well, suck. This week, we right the wrongs of our childhood and talk about how we could fix the old cartoons and improve the cartoons of today. We also discuss our picks for the Summer Movie Game, Optimusgene's love for The Avengers and Jay has a new job... he's Batman!

    Show Notes

    • Cartoons
      • Positives:
        • Don’t talk down to kids - interesting characters, reference “adult” items
        • Good story telling - story arcs, central theme
        • Informational - Knowing is Half the Battle segments
        • Imaginative - provoked thought about science, possibilities
      • Negatives
        • Stupid / annoying characters
        • No story telling
        • All talk, no action
        • Bad CGI
        • No information or knowledge added
      • Resolution
        • Fix old cartoons
          • Scooby Doo
            • exp. remove laugh track; reshoot like CSI / SVU
            • Story arcs - exp. multi-episode crimes
          • Peanuts / Charlie Brown
            • exp. reshoot like a modern sit-com (Office, Community)
            • Information on modern events: Why Dad Lives in an Apartment Now Charlie Brown, No Means No Charlie Brown
        • Fix current cartoons
          • Spongebob Squarepants
            • Character development - exp. Spongebob comes a rich family and trying to connect with the “common man” so he can get elected
            • Story arcs - exp. Patrick comes out of the closet to SB
          • Dora the Explorer / Go Diego Go!
            • More information - exp. Did you know this plant causes blindness if eaten?
            • Story arcs - exp. gets lost in jungle, has to find his/her way out using only a machete
          • Transformers Prime
            • Character development - exp. Megatron is a crime lord, Prime is a politician trying to unite the factions
            • Story arcs - exp. election fraud, resource management
            • Information - exp. at the end of episode discuss etiquette on Xbox Live, how to plan for retirement
    • Plus much more!

    Video File

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