Summer is over which means blockbuster season is also over at the theaters. Just kidding. With some big movies on the horizon, the fall and winter movie season is going to be just as hot as the summer. So make sure you enter the Fall / Winter Movie Draft ASAP.

Like we did last year, the Epically Geeky gang got together and set price amounts on the movies coming out this fall and winter by bidding on them. Using the set prices, create a "fantasy team" of movies that you believe will bring in the most money; just make sure you don't go over 100. The game will run from Oct. 4 to Jan. 3 and we will allow 2 weeks for movies to finish collecting money (until Jan. 13).

Important Rule Changes

Last year we altered the game a little because movies have a bad habit of being pushed back from winter to spring, so we set aside a small group of movies to act as reserve players. If one or more of your picks does get pushed back, you will be allowed to choose from one of the reserves.

All submissions are due by midnight October 3, 2019.

For a full explanation of the scoring and rules, click here.

For a brief look at the available movies, check out IMDB